Twenty One Pilots Shines Brighter Now

The lead singer Tyler Joseph and the drummer Josh Dun exemplify how quickly a young duo can acquire millions of fans all over the world (buy twenty one pilots tickets at our site). What is the reason for their soaring popularity?

Alternative rock and deep lyrics might be the answer to the question. Actually, the duo itself is a combination of bright personalities who attack audience like a magnet. Total devotion to music results in the title “The Biggest New Band of the Past Year”. For the record, they were called so by Rolling Stone and it implies their recognition among the first row headliners.

Saturday Night Live has become a place of the most fascinating show Tyler and Josh may have ever performed. The musical guests made the audience wild once they appeared on the stage. The frontman with the drummer started with “Heathens” from The Album “Suicide Squad”.  Plenty of fans called the show as second to none they had been ever presented with. What is more a song version that is on at the radio is of a less interest compared to the SNL performance. “Ride” from the Album Blurryface was the second song they played. Despite the age of the song (18 months) it is still in the Top 10 of the Billiard Hot 100. People enjoy listening to it as if for the first time.

SNL is a powerful machine that makes famous people MORE famous. One of SNL’s guests, Lin Manuel Miranda made a joke about his Hamilton success. In spite of the Broadway musical he is not a household name. Can it be referred to Twenty One Pilots as well? The Blurryface Album has become platinum this summer and the number of YouTube views is impressive. The title of household name is hard to obtain and easy to lose. However, it seems that Twenty One Pilots has not set a goal of being called so. Remember the words of Tyler Joseph: “You can’t be all things to everyone. I am being what I want to be for myself”.

Tyler Joseph admitted that it was troublesome to define a genre which would be welcomed by people. Afterwards the style they chose was wrongly construed. It is not a part of a Christian genre. It should be called “Twenty One Pilots style” as they are the founders of what they sing now. The duo is not trying to be liked by everyone. They simply want to be themselves. How trivial it might sound but the rule: “Be yourself!” proves how easily the popularity rate can rise if you like what you do.

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