Tight Embrace of Fans for 21 Pilots Leader in a Crowd Surf Attempt

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The Reading and Leeds musical festivals are annually held in England. These are the places for a talented union of world celebrities and promising bands. Even the fame of Red Hot Chily Peppers hasn’t obscured comparatively young duo Twenty One Pilots there. Its lead singer and keyboardist Tyler Joseph together with the drummer Josh Dun were giving a great show which was not of a less sight when Joseph tried to crowd surf (you can get cheap 21 pilots tickets at our site).

The spectators went wild as Tyler leaped into their embrace. Amateur videos and snapshots revealed different perspectives of his bold stunt. Landing on excited people was not smooth as fans grabbed Joseph’s mask and started tugging his T-shirt until it was torn to tatters. The crowd was swaying and dropping Twenty One Pilots leader. It is said that the fans left Joseph barefooted as his shoes were stolen though it was not clearly visible in the videos. Tyler greatly minds safety of his fans though in the heat of the show he forgot of his own one.

He escaped from the outburst of fans’ emotions and climbed on the top of a high metallic construction. Then, Tyler said to the drummer that they needed to end up with it. The rumor spread that it might have been his biting response to the situation and he simply didn’t want to play anymore. However, that is not about the Reading festival. Show must go on during the allotted time. And it did. Tyler and Dun spent on the stage 50 minutes that agents gave to them. Only headliners dare play an encore. The band was praised for an awesome voice and performance including a large red hamster moment.

Being teenagers Tyler and Dun dreamed of such festival and now they adorn it with their play. It seems that the lead singer and the drummer have no restrictions to carry the show off. Joseph Tyler likes to add such bizarre elements to his outfit like ski mask, body paint. No matter what he does, it suits Twenty One Pilots style.

Twenty One Pilots became popular in 2013. The two guys got Top Rock Artist as well as Top Rock Album at the Billboard Music Awards in 2016. It was mistakenly believed that Twenty One Pilots belonged to the Christian genre because of their publicly religious content. Their music style should be categorized as unique one. Hip-hop, alternative rock, thought-provoking lyrics and live shows lure people. They are not like others. The phenomenal band keeps gaining fame all over the world.

The bottom line is the performance of Twenty One Pilots was not disrupted by the audience. It just finished in an extraordinary way. No doubt Tyler knew that crowd surfing was a risky thing to try. It implies torn clothes, stolen shoes and so on. Despite all consequences Twenty One Pilots riveted a special attention of millions. Their fans are sure of unforgettable show these guys will present them with.

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