Saturday Night Live Receives Twenty One Pilots

It seems like Twenty One Pilots has become famous in a split second. However, the band has been playing together for about 10 years. Each year was marked with certain achievements until they reached the top on the most popular charts – get twenty one pilots tickets with discount.

In 2012 the guys began to sing to Fueled by Ramen. And it must have been a turning point which led them to the worldwide recognition. Since that time Twenty One Pilots keep collecting Platinum songs, №1 Album, thousands of people at the concerts and millions of listeners daily. In addition to it, the band has been a welcomed guest on TV. Their performance was a great sight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers as well. The next TV visit will take place on Saturday Night Live.

Fans all over the world are looking forward to the 42nd season of SNL show. It is already known that the Weeknd will be singing “Starboy” on the SNL opening night. And Twenty One Pilots announced that they would be performing on October 8. It will be the second episode after the premiere.

Apart from it, the band sets out on a world tour called “Emotional Roadshow”. It starts from Cincinnati on May 31 (2016) and finishes at Perth on April 8 (2017). The playlist will definitely include “Stressed Out” and “Heathens”. In spite of a sky-high popularity of the songs, Twenty One Pilots might present the fans with their recent tracks.

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