Live Review: 21 Pilots’ ‘A Complete Diversion’ Show in London

Joseph and Dun affected the fans with their rebranding, many of them arrived decorated in yellow masking tape to celebrate the color scheme of the new album, as much as possible.

“This is our first show in over a year,” Joseph told the audience midway through the hour-long set. “I gotta get back in show shape! My legs are hurting, but I think I’m good. We haven’t played in London in almost two years now. It feels so good to be back here. We kind of view this city as a second home of ours.” Over the encouraging screams of the crowd, he added, “Thank you for letting us show you a few new songs we’ve never played before.”

Set List

  1. “Jumpsuit”
  2. “Levitate”
  3. “Heathens”
  4. “We Don’t Believe What’s on TV”
  5. “The Judge”
  6. “Nico and the Niners”
  7. “Lane Boy”
  8. “Holding on to You”
  9. “Stressed Out”
  10. “Ride”
  11. “My Blood”
  12. “Car Radio”
  13. “Trees”

UPD: 21 pilots shared a recap of the one-off A Complete Diversion show, which will make you wish you were there. Watch the video in full below.

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