From “Vessel” to “Blurryface” and Something More

The frontman of Twenty One Pilots had a talk with Jason Pettigrew (AP’s Editor-in-Chief) about how wrongly their musical style had been defined. The industry tried to transform them into something they aren’t now. The majority of “show-biz experts” was mistaken.

It was thought to be that Twenty One Pilots would resemble Mumford and Sons. The reason for it was the song “House of Gold” (from the album Vessel, 2013) which was a token of love and respect to Joseph’s mother. It was not the single that was going to be their trademark though the critics predicted so.

The next album “Blurryface” represented their musical personalities as they wanted to. The album had a great success. Two songs from “Blurryface”: “Ride” and “Stressed out” were chart-topping on Billboard 200 in 2015. What is more, “Ride” triumphed on Pop Songs Chart in 2016. There was no hit of “Vessel” that would have gotten a high musical accolade.

However, it didn’t mean that Twenty One Pilots fitted the description of the industry people. Tyler said that he was under pressure while releasing “Blurryface”. The critics were trying to label them with a mark they actually weren’t. At that time, it was their chance to say a loud NO to erroneous opinions people were being persuaded to believe.

Now, the guys are working on a new album. They are much stronger as fans’ love fueled their desire to work in the same direction. It is mentioned that the lyrics of their songs will sound in a more confident way. The lead singer and the composer in one person, Tyler Joseph tells people that he likes writing lyrics since he is not able to say the same things in a daily conversation. The charts will be stricken with bestsellers Twenty One Pilots are preparing for us (meanwhile, you can get 21 pilots tickets at Emotional Tour).

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